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T5 Transmission Oil: Red Line 75W90 GL 5 Synthetic gear oil

T5 Transmission Oil: Red Line 75W90 GL 5 Synthetic gear oil

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Red Line 75W90 GL-5 synthetic gear oil, recommended for use in manual transmissions, transaxles and differentials. Formerly known as Red Line's Lightweight gear oil, this new formula contains additional friction modifiers for suitability with clutch-type limited slip differentials.

It offers excellent gear protection at higher temperatures and has shown temperature reductions of 10-70°F and having the friction modifiers added, ensures it quietens mechanical plate type differentials, making it suitable for both road or motorsport vehicles.

Supplied in 1 quart (0.946ml) bottles

Offers excellent gear and synchro protection with easier shifting in colder climates. Red Line 75W90 exceeds the requirements of API GL-5 gear oil.


  • Reduces friction and runs cooler
  • Suitable for highway or racing use
  • Provides maximum locking for LSD's
  • Smoother transaxle gear shifting
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