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RSI-AJP Serial - Bluetooth Adaptor

RSI-AJP Serial - Bluetooth Adaptor

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RSiAJP Serial - Bluetooth adaptor for use with iOS applications for monitoring and diagnosing issues on the MBE ECU found in S6 and V8 AJP engined TVR cars such as the Cerbera, Tamora, Tuscan, T350c, T350T and Sagaris.

The applications once installed on an iPhone or iPad connect wirelessly to the car's ECU via a supported Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE) serial adapter.

Once connected to the ECU, you will be able to monitor all of the ECU parameters in real time, as well as perform operations on the ECU such as resetting adaptives and others. Moreover, the applications use the iPhone or iPad's GPS to provide you with a speed readout along with GPS location and heading.

RSiAJP-Lite is completely free (except that a serial-bluetooth adapter is required in order to receive data from the ECU). It is limited in functionality, however it enables you to check connectivity to the ECU via the bluetooth adapter, to see the engine's RPM and your travelling speed prior to purchasing the full version.

All screens are enabled, only the first shows real time data, all others show simulated data. This enables you to get an idea of the full application's features.

Note: The application may be used without an adapter by enabling the simulation mode in settings, in this case all screens including the first will show simulated data without the need for a bluetooth connection.

RSiAJP is the full application.

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